With a profound history of 50 years, SKF Motion Technologies was a global provider of electrical linear actuator components and systems as well as linear motion products, with market leading positions and differentiated offerings in global niche markets, including high end medical and industrial actuators and roller screws. It also has operations in China. InContinue reading “Ewellix”


Synopsys Software Integrity Group Synopsys has been well known as a global leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor IP. In recent years, Synopsys aspired to grow its leadership in software security and quality solutions by establishing Synopsys Software Integrity Group (SIG). Since 2017, Paradigm has been appointed to build brand awareness for SynopsysContinue reading “Synopsys”

The Embassy of Portugal in China

Leveraging the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Portugal and China in 2019, the Embassy of Portugal in China has been actively promoting the economic and cultural co-operation between the two countries since 2018. Paradigm has provided media relations services to publicize the following initiatives of the Embassy: A “Wine Tasting Night”Continue reading “The Embassy of Portugal in China”

Green Common

A one-stop green lifestyle brand comprising retail outlets, restaurants and culinary education, Green Common is a social enterprise promoting sustainable lifestyle and plant-based food. One of its flagship offerings is the 100% plant-based OmniPork. From October to November 2019, Paradigm provided media relations support to Green Common in Beijing and Shanghai to promote the debutContinue reading “Green Common”

Universal Robots

Universal Robots (UR) is the world’s pioneer and best-selling brand in collaborative robots. Since early 2019, Paradigm has been appointed as UR’s PR consultancy in China. Our mandate is to help UR reinforce its value propositions among Chinese manufacturers: UR’s solutions deliver flexible automation for manufacturers of all sizes, addressing their labor needs, increasing theirContinue reading “Universal Robots”


The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Since January 2019, Paradigm has been supporting SWIFT with a full array of conventional as well as social media services in China. These efforts are to facilitate the global provider of secure financial messaging services to communicate with the local banking, finance and business community, telling them whatContinue reading “SWIFT”